Your New Pebble Watch Deserves A Decal

Your New Pebble Watch Deserves A Decal

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Telling time isn’t a priority with your Pebble Watch. Not when you can get notifications for incoming texts, calls, and emails; and customize your smartwatch with a variety of fun and exciting apps like GoPro and RunKeeper. As an android and iPhone compatible smartwatch, your Pebble can do much more than just tell you the time, which is why you should make an effort to protect it from the elements. When you’re using it as often as you do, you need a decal to keep it in tip-top shape.


Considering its capabilities, it’s a very small piece of technology. Resting under 40g in weight, the Pebble is only 52mm by 36mm. By keeping this small and fragile piece of tech on your wrist, you’re opening it up to a lot of damaging threats. You can scrape the face of it against a doorframe. Continued use can see dirt and grime pressed into its seams and buttons, threatening to reduce it functionality. When you take it off and rest it on your bedside table, you run the risk of swiping it to the ground. The Pebble is an amazing smartwatch, but it isn’t indestructible. A Pebble Watch decal provides a tight grip around the watch that will protect it from any nicks, scratches, and grime.

The decal’s application won’t affect the slim design of your Pebble. High-quality Pebble decals are incredibly thin and form-fitting, so you can enjoy all of the protection you need without sacrificing any of the intricacies of the Pebble.

A Pebble Watch skin can also enhance the look of your smartwatch if you shop with the best decal providers in the industry. The new Pebble Watch skins from dbrand can be customized to your wishes. You can choose from a variety of colours and textures that can complement the white or black band with the comfort of knowing that dbrand’s decals will protect your Pebble from damaging nicks, scratches, and grime. By using durable 3M vinyl, dbrand can provide a superior fit over the face and buttons of your smartwatch, ensuring it is fully covered.

When you pick the right company to outfit your Pebble with a decal, you can ensure your smartwatch is ready to perform at its best. The form-fitting vinyl protects against damage and grime, guaranteeing your Pebble can switch between apps without any problem. However you use it, your Pebble Watch will be protected and unique.

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