What’s the Distinction Between HD and three dimensional Technology?

What’s the Distinction Between HD and three dimensional Technology?

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three dimensional (3-Dimensional) technology appears to have started to the forefront, because of the blockbuster world-wide success from the movie Avatar along with other releases within the three dimensional category. What exactly is three dimensional anyway and just how will it rival HD (High-Definition)?

Well, HD (also referred to as Hi-Def) is video display quality with significantly greater picture resolution compared to traditional Standard-Definition (or SD). HD generally has about one to two million pixels per frame that is most likely 5 occasions in comparison to SD. Therefore, the image quality is very good quality and sharp, you cannot compare the standard to SD.

three dimensional however is yet another dimension altogether. If you watch video in three dimensional format, the images appear to leap outdoors the screen passing on a genuine-existence-like experience (just like you were encountering it right immediately). three dimensional experience is accomplished via a technique known as Stereoscopy.

It’s in line with the way a persons brain and eyes interact. A person’s pupils from the eye have to do with 6.5 cm (or 2.5 inches) apart, therefore each eye sights a scene from the different position and creates a distinctive image. The mind then merges the pictures to produce a single picture. The slight distinction between the look in the right eye and also the image in the left eye enables the mind to evaluate the depth.

You will find mainly three kinds of three dimensional technology and every one works in a different way:

The very first type, anaglyph technology, is easily the most famous one (the red/blue paper glasses) truly the three dimensional effects aren’t everything great. This kind of technology has been utilized numerous occasions in cinema theaters, mostly since the blue and red glasses are an affordable option.

The 2nd type, polarized technology, may be the technology you’ve experienced if you watch three dimensional movies within an IMAX theater, for instance, Avatar three dimensional, Alice in Imagination three dimensional yet others. To produce that three dimensional effect, two images are forecasted to the same screen through different polarizing filters. The viewer wears low-cost eyeglasses that also contain a set of different polarizing filters.

The 3rd type, active technology, is beginning to get more mainstream and standard when it comes to three dimensional watching for use at home. With this particular technology, an High definition tv displays one image for your left eye and something image for your right eye. Active live view screen shutter glasses will be worn through the viewer and rapidly block each eye in sequence to make sure that each eye only sees the related image being shown on the three dimensional Television set.

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