What Is an Unlocked Phone and Why Should You Purchase One?

What Is an Unlocked Phone and Why Should You Purchase One?

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Many people have become accustomed to purchasing their mobile phones on lengthy contracts with the mobile providers. This is becoming increasingly popular, even though there are other ways to do this that are a lot more affordable and convenient in the long run. Purchasing unlocked phones is almost always a better solution, but a lot of people don’t know what this means or know about the advantages of doing this.

What Is a Locked Phone?

Unlocked Phone

Most people own and use locked phones without ever realising it. The phone you’re using right now is probably a locked phone. A locked phone is one that is purchased through a mobile service carrier that can only be used on that carrier. Most popular carriers work with phone manufacturers to create specific models of their phones that only work on their networks. There are many reasons for them to do this, but mainly these agreements are meant to keep customers locked to that carrier’s network. Switching becomes more difficult because the phone that an individual customer has will not work on another carrier. If customers want to switch, they’ll have to get new phones, and this is often such a hassle that many customers decide not to switch.

What Is an Unlocked Phone?

Unlocked Phone

Unlocked mobile phones are, at this moment, fairly unpopular. Most consumers purchase locked phones because carriers give them these phones with a discount or a special financing option that makes the phones more affordable upfront. Unlike these locked phones, unlocked phones are not made with an agreement with any specific carrier, and they are not programmed in such a way that they will not work on another carrier. There are many advantages of this option which will be discussed below.

Unlocked Phones Give You Freedom

Unlocked Phones Give

If you want the best service no matter where you are, using a locked phone is not the best solution. For example, if you purchase a locked phone, it’s entirely possible that it will not work well at your home or place of employment. Unfortunately, even if you really like that phone, you’re going to be stuck with using it on the carrier through which you purchased the phone. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you still have months or years remaining on your contract. If you purchase an unlocked phone instead, if you move to a new home or job and discover that coverage is not sufficient, you can simply put another carrier’s SIM card in the phone. This is a fairly common reason that people end up preferring unlocked phones to locked versions. This also becomes extremely convenient when travelling abroad or to another country. With major carriers and their locked phones, you won’t be able to use your phone at all when you visit another country. Even if you are able to use your phone, it might be very expensive to do so. With an unlocked phone, however, you can simply purchase a temporary plan with a local carrier and insert the SIM card into your phone.