Top 10 Reasons why Android is Better than iOS and Symbian Platforms

Top 10 Reasons why Android is Better than iOS and Symbian Platforms

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Android has become one of the leading mobile application development platforms, edging out iOS and Symbian by a huge margin, mainly because it is readily available for free and also has a large user base contributing to Android community. Also there are tons of tutorials and videos are there in the internet to encourage new developers to take up android apps development services.


The Android OS is growing continuously over the years and has constantly updated with new versions and innovations in the user interface. With the advent of the new Android version 4.0, it has improved the look and feel of its UI with its easy to use navigation buttons. On Android phones you can find 3 buttons to one in iOS, where you have only the home button, whereas in the former you can find multitasking and the back menu buttons as well, make it more user friendly than Symbian and iOS phones.

android Enhanced UI

2. Speed

The reason Android OS is always faster than its competitor’s iOS and Symbian because it is coupled with a dual core processor which can handle multiple applications at the same speed without compromising for speed.

3. Better Browser

When you look into all the default browsers and their speed in delivering data in Android, iOS and Symbian, then you’ll Android edges out both, as the default browser in Android has less complications and comes with visual bookmarks for better browsing.

android Better Browser

4. More applications

Since Android is an open source mobile application development platform, it has enabled more and more android apps development services to develop a large no. of applications under various genres including Games, Sports, News and general utility applications and having more no. of apps than Symbian and iOS.

5. UpdateFirmware

iOS never allow to touch its firmware, much similar to Symbian, whereas Android allows android apps development services to change the firmware in any way to use it in any applications

android Update Firmware

6. ChangeScreen keyboards

In Android OS you can change and install your own screen keyboards to provide better suggestions and spell checks, which is not possible in both iOS and Symbian.

7. Multi-Tasking Feature

Multi-tasking is the feature where you can run multiple tasks at the same time without any performance issues in both the tasks. Android has a better multi-tasking feature than iOS and Symbian.

Multitasking Feature

8. Better Help and Support

After Google bought Android, its user base has multiplied as Google cleverly linked it with all its services and so Android has a huge and dedicated fan base than its competitors.

9. Live applications and widgets

Since the Android operating system works on Linux platform, Android Apps can be designed to view live application content as it can store more data and Linux provides virtual memory capability, which is not well supported in Symbian or iOS.

applications and widgets

10. Development Friendly

Android is one of the most developer friendly OS when compared to Symbian and iOS.

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