Screencast, what is it?

Screencast, what is it?

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Introduction of the zero and study is this definition from the screen. Do not worry, this little passage of theory will not be long and you better understand the possibilities offered by this technique.

So, what is a screencast?

The word screencast means “to project the screen.” This meaning has not been updated yet. Here is a more digestible definition:

The screencast is a digital video recording of the display of your screen, possibly combined with the recording of your microphone.

It’s that simple.

Ok, fine, but what can this technique do for real?

Well know that the possibilities of this technique are very numerous.

For example, you can record your best performance on your favorite video games …

… or save a PowerPoint presentation that you have given and want to put online, on video …

… or save tutorials…

In fact, anything that goes on your computer screen, whatever the nature, theme or but, may be recorded and transformed into screencast. The above examples are the most common, but they are far from the only ones.

Camtasia and its alternatives

Okay, but how do you do it?

Do not be in a hurry, we get there. 🙂

First, on a need to choose a software as Catamsia alternative. To record a screencast, you need dedicated software and there are many choices. They each have their specificities and include all or part of the functions you need.

Specifically, the basic features that you are entitled to expect from such software are: the video capture of the screen at the resolution you have and the microphone. These are the essential functions available in (almost) all software of this type.

Other, more advanced keys may also be welcome, such as: being able to display keystrokes on the keyboard, or adding music or sound effects after recording, and many others …
What you can easily find on the market are windows software. The version of Camtasia is different from the one we will use and these differences will not be detailed in this article.

Movavi as one of the best choices

Movavi is one of the best alternatives for Camtasia as it offers the same functionality and capabilities at affordable prices. Movavi provides a high quality interface (of screen recording module) and great, this interface is easily understood even by amateurs in the field of screencast. For a capture screen you only need to click the Rec button, the red big button and to stop the process, the Stop button should be pressed. It’s so simple! And the simplicity of Movavi does not mean this software does not provide full features because you can find whatever you need in the program panels that have been provided.

Both Camtasia and Movavi provide ample space for screen recording options but Movavi has one visible advantage! Movavi provides facilities for ‘capture area screenshots’ while Camtasia does not. This feature allows you to instantly capture every image that appears as long as they are in the capture area. No capture area screenshots, Movavi also allows you to view simple screenshots from a simple GUI, something you do not find in Camtasia.

Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages, but based on our experience, Movavi is the best choice right now.

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