Keep your Smart Phone Safe from Others and Malwares

Keep your Smart Phone Safe from Others and Malwares

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If you are a user of a smart phone and have been keeping track of the news related to smart phone security, you must have come across news reports of malwares and hackers stealing financial and other personal data from your smart phone and using it to make money. The responses are always a little late and the techniques are getting better day by day. In such a situation, a high quality security and privacy software is not just good to have on your phone but is a necessity. This is where Leomaster Privacy Safeguard comes into the picture.

Leomaster Privacy Safeguard

Several ways to keep the phone safe

While there are many other softwares to do a similar job, Leo Privacy Guard takes it to a whole new level with multiple layers of security. It offers three levels of security, PIN, Dot Lock and Touch ID so that only you can get into your phone. Also, it can provide you with the ability to mask your apps and provides an App Lock to keep the apps safe. Apart from that, it also lets you monitor the data on your smart phone in real time. You can keep an eye on battery usage and data usage.

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Protect your Privacy

While some photos are meant for public sharing with friends and family, some are not meant to be shared. Even so, it becomes difficult to stop your friends and family from accessing your phone and taking a look at the gallery. To prevent such a situation, Leo Privacy Guard lets you hide the gallery and also lets you put a different cover on your personal photos. Privacy of your personal data has never been the same. It also comes with different attractive themes to suit your mood and taste.

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