Impressive Skins To Keep Your Pebble Ticking

Impressive Skins To Keep Your Pebble Ticking

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Maybe a decade ago, what was considered a smartwatch was a just digital watch that incorporated a physical calculator into the design of its face. Now, in 2015, it denotes a piece of advanced technology with almost limitless possibilities – without seeming nerdy as a calculator watch. Millions of people have slapped a Pebble Watch onto their wrist and fallen in love with what it can do. What too few of these Pebble owners think to do is to add a protective skin onto their smartwatch to keep it out of trouble.

The Pebble Watch is one of the most popular pieces of wearable technology out there and for good reason. It’s Android and iPhone compatible, so it communicates with your smartphone, relaying important texts, messages, and emails. With a Pebble strapped to your wrist, you’ll never have to dig your iPhone out of your pocket to see if you’re friend’s running late and texting you a head’s up. The smartwatch is also designed to take on as many apps as your think necessary, from those that let you know the upcoming weather to activity trackers that count your steps. There’s a huge opportunity for you to customize your watch so the Pebble can make your life easier.

Now, you can customize the outside of your Pebble – and with the added benefit of increasing its longevity. Too often, Pebble owners think nothing of covering their watch because they’ve never had to protect their old analogue ones in the past. But just like your iPhone, the Pebble Watch needs a protective covering to defend its important case and mechanics.


A skin is the best way to protect your smartwatch. Since a skin is made out of authentic 3M vinyl, it can be precision cut to the exact dimensions of your Pebble. None of it is left defenseless. Its slim design will fit over the edges and buttons of your watch, making it near impossible to scratch your Pebble. The durable skin also reduces the chances of taking a nick out of its edge or gumming up the navigating buttons on the side.

If you want the best protection for your Pebble, be sure to look for the authentic 3M vinyl guarantee, which is something only dbrand offers. They also have the best selection of Pebble skins online, as they’ve created a line of strong, durable skins that are impressively stylish. They know that, despite how well it works, the Pebble isn’t exactly known for its looks. By applying one of their true textured skins (like carbon fibre, leather, or zebra wood) you can make your Pebble stand out as your own. So you may be one of the millions to own and love their Pebble Watch, but you’ll be one of the few with initiative to properly defend it against scratches and grime – and you’ll be the only one with that particular combination of textures on your wrist.