How to Enrich Our Skill with Examples of HDR Photos Of Experts

How to Enrich Our Skill with Examples of HDR Photos Of Experts

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Photography is the most passionate subject of today’s people. It is no longer restricted in the hands of expert photographers. People have got a lot of technical assistance from the image modifying software, developed in the recent years by various software catering companies. We no longer need to be haunted by the worry of missing beautiful moments, due to lack of expertise in taking snaps. HDR photography examples prove the point. The easiest way of making photos amazing is the use of HDR imaging techniques, in which we need to take a series, of shots (at least three), of the same scene and object in the same light, but with different exposures.  Then making the brackets ready, we just need to process them by using the HDR editing and modifying software.

Beautiful tips to capturing moving objects

If you are a passionate photographer ready for adventures, then you must be a learner first. There is much to learn about capturing nature in its various kingdoms and various forms. Photography can never be the same in an ocean world and in the mountains or in a shopping mall, for example. This will be obviously clear from HDR photography examples of different adventures of the nature loving photographers. It’s very interesting to take HDR photos of moving objects: By moving objects, we mean cityscapes with moving cars and other objects, or oceans with vigorously moving water, or a public place with people moving around. There may be two main cases of movement in a photo.

  • The first is the scene with a small portion of the image with movements, for example that of a moving car.
  • The other is the one having a large portion of the image moving, for example, when the photography is being done from a moving vehicle.

Expert photographers have sought out solutions for both types of movements.

  • For images having only some moving vehicles but static buildings in the background, for example (that are the first type) to create a HDR, the first image taken should be a tone mapped image. The second image after bringing the tone mapped image into Photoshop and bringing it as a layer and masking the unwanted portions. In the last image, you will see only one version of the car.
  • In the second case where the image is being clicked from moving vehicle, the solution is using the highest shutter speed and letting the HDR software to auto arrange the images.

Sites for learning

There are various ways of making photos more attractive. We can learn a lot by studying the HDR photographic experiences of the reputed world class professional photographers. Websites like can be of great help in this respect.

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