How Technology is changing the Auto Industry

How Technology is changing the Auto Industry

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The auto industry has evolved and changed in dramatic ways over the last two decades, and these changes have been running in parallel with the general evolution of computer technology. Especially, in the last five years, as consumers have become very comfortable with iPhone and iPad technology, these consumers are expecting the environment inside their new cars to be similar to the environment they enjoy when using their “smart” devices.

But, the physical nature of the cars is not the only place where technology advances have led to great changes. The way the average consumer buys a car today has changed. Along with that, the way the car dealerships seek out consumers and how sales people at the dealerships interact with the customers has also changed.

Statistics now show that a majority of the time when someone is trying to purchase a car he or she will begin their search (and their research) on the Internet. This includes: studying comments by other owners about particular models, looking at digital pictures and written descriptions about cars that are presented by dealerships on their websites, and by even going to multiple websites of several local dealerships and comparing inventories and prices.

On the other side, car dealerships are relying much more on their websites to attract customers to come to their physical locations. It is very efficient for a car dealership to put up a substantial amount of accurate information on their site about each new model of car, because this process only needs to be done once, and then hundreds of people can receive the same information, simply by coming to the web site and clicking a link. So, instead of 100 sales people repeating the same information to customers seeking a particular model of car, one web site satisfies the same task.

One particular company that is maximizing the use of today’s technology related to the auto industry is Auto Loan Solutions at: This company makes buying a car through an online process very easy. All a customer has to do is fill out an online loan application, then almost immediately have a phone conversation with a Finance Manager to complete the loan application, go back online and choose the car they want, and finally, make an appointment to have the car delivered to them. Nothing could be easier.

Also, with regard to advances in sensors, measurement devices, and digital cameras, and combined with very high-level computing and information processing power that is in today’s cars, there have been amazing advances in safety features in new cars being sold today. Drivers are being assisted with their driving tasks, and the cars of today almost work as a team member with the driver, to help them constantly determine the position of the car, in relationship to other cars on the road and to other objects, in general.

Finally, the interior environments of new cars today offer maximum comfort for the driver, related to communication and navigation. The car can be linked to the driver’s cellphone via wireless methods, and a driver can take phone calls and talk to other people in phone conversations, without ever taking his or her hands off the wheel. And, when trying to drive to a specific location, the car will talk to the driver and tell them when turns are coming up, and which way the driver needs to go.