How Informatica Jobs Can Offer You a Steady Career Growth?

How Informatica Jobs Can Offer You a Steady Career Growth?

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Informatica is the study of data integration. With the help of Informatica, connecting and fetching of data from different heterogeneous sources is possible. Thus, processing of data can be done.

Some of the most popular clients that use Informatica as the data integration tool are Samsung, U.S. Air Force, ING and Allianz. The latest version of Informatica is Standard, Advanced and Premium edition. Informatica jobs opportunity is attracting more and more job seekers these days as it provides a smooth career growth.

The main purpose of Informatica is to deal with the data base. For example, any company that wants to set its Data Warehouse would look for Informatica tool to move data from the production system to the warehouse.

There is a great future in this particular field and the most interesting part is that there is a steady career growth in this job. According to the current market situation, there is a high demand for Informatica professionals.

If you are interested in Informatica and want to make a career in it, then don’t give it a second thought. On an average, there are recruiters who hire almost 60% of Informatica developers every year.

Now the question that comes up is why one should start a career in Informatica. There are many reasons. It is easy to learn, free from coding and the most important part is the bigger remuneration package.

According to a survey, there is a sure 40% growth every year in this field. As an Informatica developer, once you acquire experience, there are various job opportunities like an Associate Developer, Informatica Lead, Senior Developer, Analyst, MDM Developer and much more.

Talking about the career perspective of Informatica professionals, it is very high and bright. With hands-on experience on this tool, one can even get a job abroad. With 7 to 8 years of experience, one can reach the job role of Informatica Admin or Informatica Architect which are the topmost job roles in this field.

The salaries for Informatica jobs are topping the list in terms of developers. According to a research, the average salary of Informatica developers is twice that of normal developers. In fact, the salary slab depends on the job titles and skill levels and mostly on the years of experience.

As per a report, freshers too are offered with minimum Rs. 4 lakhs package in this field. Informatica jobs vacancies are in high demand, so grab the opportunity and start a bright career with it.