Five Reasons Every Company Needs Cyber Security

Five Reasons Every Company Needs Cyber Security

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As more and more companies are targeted by cyber hackers each day, businesses need to be prepared and begin thinking now about how to keep assets and private information safe. Most companies believe that success is driven by great sales, employee talent, and overall company growth. However, not many have realised the importance of protecting the success that took time and effort to build.

Approximately forty-three percent of cyber attacks are directed at small businesses who were not prepared or protected from the illegal activity of hackers. This costs them a great deal of money, and the company reputation can be impacted negatively. For these and many additional reasons, small businesses in particular need to take cyber security seriously.

More Than an Inconvenience

Small businesses need to first remember that a cyber hacking isn’t just an inconvenience that will end up as some email addresses stolen from their database. In fact, it’s a crime. The estimate on losses for small business is upwards of $50,000, and, unfortunately, about sixty percent of those businesses went out of business quickly. Additionally, your company may have to pay fines and penalties for information loss, as well as deal with notification costs. Protect your company’s present situation as well as its future by taking hold of its security.

Educating Employees

When security is not a top priority for a small business, the employees are not informed on how to protect the company and secure business information. A good portion of all security efforts in a company starts with the employees who handle private business material every day at work. Training your employees includes setting up detailed password requirements, changing passwords regularly, considering biometrics (fingerprint access, and so on), using secure Wi-Fi, and installing and updating anti-virus protection software. If your employees are educated and aware of the dangers of cyber hacking, your company will become additionally protected from accidentally downloading a virus contained within an attachment.

Choosing an Excellent Cloud

The cloud provider used by a company often directly determines its overall security level. If a company takes the time to research a cloud company that will provide the highest possible security, then the business will be secure. Remember that with cloud services, you truly do get what you pay for, and this is one area where companies should never cut corners.

Ultimately, cyber hackers are inventing new ways to circumvent your company’s security every day, and staying informed about ways to protect your company is extremely important. By taking the time to invest in an excellent cloud provider, company data will remain protected and out of the hands of a hacker. The more security that your company has for its cyber presence, the more protection it has for the future, as well.