Evaluating three dimensional Technologies

Evaluating three dimensional Technologies

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three dimensional visualization happens to be of great interest to scientists, designers, customers, and vendors. Scientists focus on developing three dimensional rendering calculations and methods for faster, realistic rendering with minimum resource needs. Designers focus on they to provide customers awesome and absorbing experience. Hardware vendors offer the three dimensional growth by adding in better graphics card and graphics consoles. three dimensional visualization is seeing explosive growth due to on the internet industry, gaming systems like X-Box and PlayStations, and entertainment industry, in specially the movies like Jurassic Park, Gozilla, and much more.

Let’s look do you know the competing three dimensional software technologies. In the following paragraphs, we’ll compare OpenGL from Plastic Graphics, DirectX from Microsoft, and Java three dimensional from Sun Microsystems.

Following parameters may be used in evaluating three dimensional technologies:



Driver Support



Easy Programming

Now, let’s observe how above pointed out technologies squeeze into these parameters:

Only DirectX provides both graphics and audio functionality. Java three dimensional and OpenGL provide graphics functionality only

OpenGL follows procedural C. DirectX and Java3D follow object-oriented approach using C   and Java correspondingly.

DirectX has best driver support. Driver support for OpenGL and Java3D is poor.

While OpenGL and Java3D are platform independent, DirectX is just for Home windows platform

DirectX has best performance (10/10) adopted by OpenGL (7.5/10) and Java3D (3/10)

OpenGL is most simple to learn (10/10) adopted by Java3D (9/10) and DirectX (2/10)

And you will find reasons for above claims. For instance, DirectX has best performance since it directly access Hardware Abstraction Layer (HLA) in Home windows Architecture. Interested visitors can Google Internet to locate them.

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