4 Steps Every Upcoming App Developer Should Take

4 Steps Every Upcoming App Developer Should Take

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Becoming an app developer is no easy task, which is why it’s such a coveted profession that has the potential of paying so well. Unfortunately, just because you’ve built up the skills to be developer doesn’t mean you’re going to start earning a great income right away. There are key steps that need to be taken to transform your talent into a lucrative career, and while some of these measures will be related to development, many of them will involve learning how to market and sell your abilities to prospective clients. With that said, let’s look at four steps every upcoming app developer can take to expedite the process of gaining experience and prestige in their niche:


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1. Learn How to Fine-Tune and Test User Experiences

As a developer you need to be proficient at user experience testing, also known as UX testing. Being able to put yourself in the shoes of an app user and make adjustments based on objective observations will ensure you’re producing solutions that will be appreciated and enjoyed by the majority of users. As such, every developer that aspires to produce brilliant apps should first learn how to build complete experiences in Visual Studio so that the user experience is easier to adjust and critique on the development side.

2. Discover Ways to Market Your Skills in the Big Leagues

Once you’re confident in your ability to create and test outstanding user experiences, it’s time to focus on marketing your abilities in an effective manner. Learning the art of the pitch and how to highlight your strengths will help you apply for projects and positions that can drive your career forward leaps and bounds. On the other hand, settling for less can leave you stuck in a rut where you’re working on projects that will never be as beneficial as those you’d complete for high-profile clients.

3. Build a Diverse Portfolio

Starting from scratch is always challenging because you need to have something to show when submitting proposals and applications. If you’re using passive marketing techniques to attract leads to your website, building a strong portfolio is even more essential. Focus on making sample apps in a variety of categories to show prospective clients what you’re capable of.

4. Become Familiar with Cross-Platform Development and Responsive Design

In today’s world, it’s not good enough for an app development firm to simply specialize in one type of development. Companies want apps that work well on all mobile platforms and device types, so you need to be flexible enough to provide cross-platform solutions that look and behave similarly across all major operating systems and screen sizes.

Independent Freelancer vs Firm – Choose an Approach

Finally, you need to decide whether you want to offer your services as an independent professional working with teams and companies on a per-project basis, or manage your own development firm to produce and maintain custom-tailored solutions for longstanding clients. Most developers start out on the independent route and eventually move towards the goal of building their own firm.