4 Smart Home Appliances You Never Knew Existed

4 Smart Home Appliances You Never Knew Existed

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If you love everything tech related, then you have likely seen news related to connected homes or smart homes. Through your research, you have probably come across from zany and crazy connected appliances. But, we bet you didn’t come across these.

Sleep Monitor

The Samsung SleepSense is a small disc-shaped object about the same diameter of a regular smoke detector. When placed under your mattress and connected to a companion app on your mobile device, this silent gadget monitors your body movements to know when you are falling asleep and waking up. When you are falling asleep, for example, the SleepSense can connect with and turn off your television and lights, along with your climate control. When it senses you wake up, it can start brewing coffee.

Coffee Brewer

Speaking of morning coffee, how would you like to control the temperature and flavor of your coffee from the comfort of your bed? Welcome to the present, with a collection of smart coffee machines. These handy gadgets allow complete remote control, enabling you to start your brew on the way home from work or on the way home from the bar for some much-needed recovery.

Smart Lightbulbs

There are many smart lightbulbs which connect to a HomeHub or a central control center, however, did you know that you can simply buy purpose designed individual wifi-connected light bulbs? These are great if you just want one in a few rooms for security or night-time safety.

Connected Socket

Do you have a retro toaster or a designer appliance from the Groupon Coupons page for Sur La Table which doesn’t connect to your phone? All is not lost! Smart connected sockets plug into your existing power socket and allow your own devices to be plugged into them. This is great for connecting an old toaster or a crockpot to your smartphone to allow for remote operation.

The world of smart devices is only growing bigger. If introducing connected devices into your home interests you, give these four items a try.