3 Awesome Illustrator Projects for brand new Fathers

3 Awesome Illustrator Projects for brand new Fathers

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Like a new Father, you are likely to be taking lots of pictures. You can alter Photoshop’s filters and effects. Used to do that however i found them unfulfilling because:

* too easy, too quick.

* anybody can perform it, plus they can easily see the way you made it happen. Therefore it is not so impressive.

* maybe because so very little efforts are involved, there’s deficiencies in heart or soul within the final image.

The next three projects will take some time and energy (not really a alot). And they’re fairly simple. Therefore if you are prepared to turn your regular photos into eye-poppin’ pieces of art, follow me.

1. Turn the picture right into a comic.

Where I acquired the concept: There’s an application application, Comic Existence (for Mac only, In my opinion), that will it for you personally. However I used a totally free tutorial, I discovered here. It required a few attempts to follow all of the instructions. You can observe the end result above: a comic book postcard of my daughter, relaxing around the couch, watching Sesame Street on television.

2. Composites

There’s that Michael Keaton movie, Multipicity, where he clones themself many occasions. You are likely to perform the same, with the exception of 2-D monitor.

Where I Acquired the concept: On Flickr, Jesse Andrew Agarrat’s Composites 2004, first inspired me to complete my very own. He gave a really fundamental tutorial (use tripod, layer mask, small brush tool for particulars), that was enough for me personally. You will find an entire Flickr group just on Composites (which has awesome collages) having a forum and lessons.

Here’s my young girl playing within the sandbox in the park.

3. Favorite Toy Gets into the image

Once you have mastered the Composite technique, you are ready for next stage of photo manipulation — putting your son or daughter or child’s favorite toy in to the action.

Where I acquired the concept: my young girl loves reading through Curious George Rides A Bicycle, and her favorite toy, Monkey Cake, looks a bit bit like George. So…

Now we all know what you are thinking: Between altering diapers and work and never getting any sleep, how have you ever spare the time for Illustrator? Hey, my spouse asks exactly the same factor. I actually do recall the National basketball association 2010 nfl playoffs were over and also the National football league season hadn’t began yet, what exactly is really a guy to complete?

Happy photo-doctoring!

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